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Alpha Kappa Alpha Ivy Leaf Silk Neck Scarf

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Our Alpha Kappa Alpha Ivy Leaf Silk Blend Neck Scarf, meticulously crafted to embody elegance and individuality. This perfect square marvelously boasts definitive edges, finished with a delicate rolled hem for a refined touch.

Adorned with a sophisticated fusion of colors and motifs, this scarf serves as an exquisite canvas to showcase your organization's identity. The lush green edging, adorned with the distinguished establishment year '1908' in pristine white, exudes timeless charm and heritage.

At the heart of the design lies the captivating allure of love and connection, symbolized by the enchanting 'XO' motif in gentle pink hues. Complementing this, the scarf is adorned with a whimsical scatter of verdant green ivy leaves, evoking a sense of growth, vitality, and everlasting beauty.

With each drape and fold, this scarf becomes not just an accessory, but a profound statement of your organization's values, essence, and legacy.